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our story

it all started with a cup of coffee, naturally.

It's 2016 and our founder is living in Colombia for work with his wife. As fate would have it, they take a workshop about coffee, just for fun, since coffee was already a big part of their lives.

Everything changed.

Did you know coffee is a very healthy drink? It all depends on how you prepare it. This and so many other things they learned after the experience, investigating and learning on their own.

Crafting an affordable and practical way to enjoy coffee and its benefits, became their mission. Armed with the best equipment out there and the most organic, natural beans, Legreen coffee was born.

Our coffee is bought fairly from 4 small farming groups in beatiful Colombia.

One of these are the Arahuacos in Sierra Nevada, an indiginous group with a beautiful culture and a hand at growing the best quality coffee beans in the country.

Follow Along The Journey

in the cold mountains of colombia...

Small groups like the Arahuacos are dedicated for generations to grow natural, organic coffee.

Your coffee is carefully selected and handpicked to mantain the highest quality standards.

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Artisan bean

Coffee beans get dry and roasted slowly to keep the original flavor in the most natural and organic way — the Legreen way.

The beans are grinded in our bladeless grinder so you only find coffee in your coffee. It is packed with love in-house.

To avoid absorbing chemicals from petrol, we transport our coffee in highly clean, natural and safe containers.

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Organic beans

Coffee is shipped and delivered so you can enjoy the true flavors of an organic 100% Colombian coffee.

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